Terms & Conditions

Pool Service Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms Service is billed at the beginning of the service month and must be paid by the last day of the month to ensure uninterrupted service.There is a $45.00 charge for returned checks

Late Charges Accounts past due are subject to a late fee of 10% of the outstanding balance compounded monthly billing until paid in full. 

Collections Accounts 90 days past due may be sent to collections and service discontinued unless a payment plan has been established.

Cancellation Service automatically renews monthly until terminated by either party with 30 days written notice.   

The service address for APS is:   


7532 Rancho Amigos Rd North

Bonsall, CA 92003-5711

Service Day Customer will be assigned a routine service day. Typically, service will be performed on that day. Requests to service the pool on a different day or time are evaluated on an individual  basis. 

Repairs:   APS will advise Customer for equipment repair requirements as the need arises.

Annual Mineral Treatment All service levels require an Annual Mineral Treatment in late spring or early summer for all customers. The cost of the treatment is $85 to $100, depending on the size of the pool. This is a fee charged to offset the extra chemicals needed to prevent algae build up from excessive use and heat in the summer that create an environment conducive for algae growth. This fee includes conditioner, which helps prolong the life of chlorine in the water by slowing down chlorine decay due to the ultra violet rays of the sun. It also includes extra algaecides, such as yellowtrine and silvertrine. These are added throughout the year, but primarily used in summer, to help prevent algae growth

Filter Cleanings All diatomaceous earth and cartridge filters related to the body(ies) of water need to be cleaned at least 2-3 times a year. These cleanings are done in a cyclical fashion and prior approval will not be obtained. Any repairs or replacements of parts are an additional charge. As it is critical for the filter to run in order to maintain clean water, replacement parts for the filters (elements, manifolds, and O-rings) will be replaced without prior approval. There may be more frequent filter cleanings due to bather load, amount of debris, or other conditions beyond the company’s control. Filter cleaning is NOT included as a component of the service agreement and will only be cleaned every 4-6 months, unless extra service is required. Filters MUST be properly maintained in order for APS to perform proper maintenance service and typically need to be cleaned every 4-6 months.

Salt Cell Cleaning If a salt chlorine generator is present on the pool plumbing, regular maintenance is necessary to extend the life of the system. Maintenance and repairs to the system will be an additional charge. Regular salt cell cleaning is necessary, and will be performed at least twice a year depended on need. Additional charges apply. 

Extreme Weather In the event of inclement weather on the scheduled date of service, service will be provided to the extent weather permits and typically only chemicals will be added.

Holidays The Company observes 6 major holidays. There will be no service on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, and the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Vacations   In addition to Holidays,  The Company observes two weeks of vacation per year. You will be notified of vacations a week in advance. The pool will be prepared chemically the visit before to make it through the missed visit.

Disclaimer APS shall not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse, or abuse. Customer should be aware of normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals, sunlight, or any other corrosive materials (i.e. salt) that may enter the pool. Also, APS is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by failure of a Customer to perform other services recommended by APS, or by failure of Customer to properly maintain the pool and equipment between visits.

Customer Responsibilities

Water Level Customer is responsible for always maintaining proper water levels. Recommended water level is mid-tile. The water level in a swimming pool or spa is important to maintain. If the water level gets too low, the pump may burn out. If the water is too high the pool can flood.

Pump Run Time Customer is responsible for making sure the pool pump runs a sufficient amount each day as recommended by APS.

Pool Parties / Heavy Usage Customer is responsible for notifying APS of upcoming pool parties or heavy pool usage.  (This is in order for APS to fortify the pool in advance, avoiding disrupting the pool/spas chemical balance, for example, during extreme weather or in advance of a scheduled non-service) In the event the pool balance is significantly disrupted from Extreme use, additional charges may apply.

Communications Customer must be reasonably responsive to communications.

Leaks Customer is responsible for identifying system leaks. APS will refer Customer as needed. For pools with ongoing leaks there may be an annual rebalancing fee.

Pool/ Spa Draining Green, brown, or cloudy pools caused by heavy rain and improper landscape drainage are subject to additional cleanup costs including extra chemical treatments, filter cleanings and service calls. As the Total Dissolved Solids, calcium, and nuisance chloramine levels rise in spas and wading pools, the water becomes ever more difficult to maintain properly. The level of contaminants increases, and they can inhibit the disinfectant or act as nutrients for bacteria or algae. This can result in sustained levels of bacteria and other hazards to bather’s health. It can also cause excessive scale and build up in the equipment and decrease the life of the equipment. Budgeting at least one draining per body of water, per year, is necessary for a spa and/or wading pool. The cost to drain a swimming pool is $250, a spa is $125, and a wading pool is $85. These include the draining of the water and balancing of chemicals upon completion. The company will need assistance from an on sight person to monitor the water as it is filling to prevent flooding issues. 

Ducks / Wildlife If ducks or other wildlife are living in the pool, there may be additional charges for extra cleanup efforts and/or chemical treatments.

Toys Customer is responsible for removing toys from the pool when the pool is not in use to allow proper filtration and pool cleaner functionality.

Fountains / Waterfalls Customer is responsible for either running the fountain/waterfall every day OR if not used every day, cleaning the fountain/waterfall reservoirs out and chemically treating them before use.  If algae or heavy debris are allowed to build up and enter the pool upon use, additional treatments or cleanup charges may be necessary.

Pets Customer is responsible for making sure aggressive pets are properly restrained during service visit. If not, service may be subject to termination.

Pool Access Customer is responsible for making sure pool and pool equipment are easily accessible on the assigned service day and time. Locked gates should be unlocked at time of arrival. Service technicians will not knock on door or try to contact customer to unlock the gate. Pool covers, solar covers/rings, toys, rafts, etc. must be removed on day of service. No refunds will be given if the pool is not accessible. If pool accessibility becomes a persistent problem, service may be subject to termination.

Baskets / Bags Customer is responsible for emptying skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and pool cleaner bag as needed in between weekly service.

Debris in Pool All standard service is billed at a rate of ½ hour, and any additional labor charges will be billed at a rate of $18.75 per each additional 15 mins. I.E. Storm Cleanup, Excessive Debris, and any other situations out of the normal scope of work for your swimming pool.

Plants Growing in Pool Customer is responsible for ensuring plants and trees are not growing into the pool water.

Please note:   Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.   By signing, you agree to be bound by the, then current, Terms and Conditions of this agreement, and any subsequent updates while receiving Service.    Updated Terms and Conditions are available upon request